Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance Quote

3 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Quote May Change

Many drivers have had the unfortunate experience of getting a great rate on their car insurance quote only to find out later that their actual rate is much higher than expected. Your car insurance quote will play a direct role in which provider you choose to purchase car insurance from as well as your budgeting efforts going forward. The last thing you want to discover is that the low rate you counted on is no longer available. There are three main reasons why your car insurance quote may change, and learning more about these causes can help you to prevent this from happening to you.

Significant Life Factors
Before issuing a car insurance quote to you, your insurance provider will review a wide range of personal factors. This includes everything from your profession and where you work to your marital status, your residential zip code and more. These are some of the factors that may affect your statistical likelihood to be involved in a car accident or to have your vehicle stolen. If you provide false information or if some of these factors change in between the time you get a quote and the time you get your premium bill, there is a chance that your final rate may increase. By being aware of the factors that affect your car insurance rates and by notifying your insurer as soon as possible about changes in these factors, you can eliminate the risk of having an unexpectedly higher than anticipated rate.

Your Driving Record
Many people have had at least one or two accidents or traffic citations within the past few years, but it can be difficult to accurately remember the specific details of these events. Some people may think that a ticket was issued six years ago and is therefore irrelevant, but it may have actually been issued four years. Before you request a car insurance quote, take time to review your driving history. Gather details like the cost of damages for an accident, exact dates of accidents and tickets and other relevant information. Have this information on hand and ready to provide to your representative.

Your Vehicle Information
When you request a car insurance quote, many insurers will take your word that the vehicle information you provide is accurate. However, they will research the VIN to confirm vehicle data before issuing the policy. There are instances when a driver fails to disclose factors, such as a high-end trim level, that may affect the value of the vehicle. The repair and replacement costs of a vehicle are directly linked to the final rate you pay for car insurance, so any relevant details about your vehicle information should be accurately conveyed to your agent when requesting a quote.

Getting a new car insurance quote from time to time is a great way to identify potential policy savings and to avoid paying more than necessary for your coverage. However, it is not beneficial to get a quote based on false or erroneous information. Drivers can take a few minutes to gather all relevant information needed for a quote before requesting a quote over the phone or online, and this can help you to avoid finding out that the rate quoted to you is not actually available.

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